martes, septiembre 8

And the companies, the banks worked at their own doom and they did not know it. The fields were fruitful, and starving men moved on the roads. The granaries were full and the children of the poor grew up rachitic, and the pustuls of pellagra swelled on their sides. The great companies did not know that the line between hunger and anger is a thin line. And money that might have gone to wages went for gas, for guns, for agents and spies, for blacklists, for drilling. On the highways the people moved like ants and searched for work, for food. And the anger began to ferment.

The Grapes of Wrath
John Steinbeck (1939)

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Que miedo... Me recuerda a un país en el que los políticos, delincuentes,empresarios gansters hacen y deshacen y no pasa nada, al menos esa es la primera impresión, pero casí nadie ve el cultivo que genera una situación asi.